Reality Tests/Checks as a way to have lucid dreams

Reality Testing is a way to determine whether you are dreaming or you are awake. When you often ask yourself during the day whether you are dreaming or awake, it is very likely that you will do the same during your dreams, hopefully making you realize that you are dreaming. It is best to do 5-15 Reality Tests per day. A good device to help you is a simple watch. Look at the time 2 or 3 times, turn your head away, then look back at the watch. When you are awake the time on your watch will be the same. When you are dreaming the time on your watch will be different every time you look at it. So when you do a Reality Test and something unusual happens, which cannot take place when you are awake, you can realize that it's a dream and become lucid.

When you train with lucid dreaming masks like the NovaDreamer, the REM-Dreamer or the SmartLucider, you can do Reality Tests whenever you see a flashing light. Thanks to that when the lucid dreaming mask flashes light in your eyes you are likely to see flashing lights in your dream and do a Reality Test and realize that it is a dream. There are many other ways to do a Reality Test. You can block your nose with your fingers and try to breathe. If you can breathe through your blocked nose that means that your are dreaming. If you cannot you are awake. Other ways to do a Reality Test are trying to fly or walk through a wall etc.

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