World of Lucid Dreaming -
Learn how to have lucid dreams with awareness and clarity. Written by a true lucid dreamer. Go on a journey to explore the nature of alternative realities. In the virtual reality of dream world, everything is possible.

Monroe Institute -
A nonprofit research and educational organization researching out of the body experiences (OBE) and lucid dreams (LD).
Founded by Robert Monroe in 1970s.

Afterlife Knowledge -
Website about OBE/LD, afterlife and Bruce Moen, a pioneer in afterlife research.

Dream Views -
One of the largest Lucid Dreaming Community and Resource on the internet. All about lucid dreaming, sleep stages, dream signs, dream recall etc.

Lucid Dreaming 4 All -
Techniques to achieve lucid dreams, many links to related sites, book reviews, survey, message board and chat room.

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