REM-Dreamer and SmartLucider - Lucid Dreaming Masks

The REM-Dreamer is an electronic device in the form of a sleep mask that you place on your head whilst you sleep. It detects the REM state by infra-red sensor and then flashes LEDs to remind you that you are dreaming. Flashes from the REM-Dreamer will enter your dreams and you will dream about flashing lights, e.g. an explosion of thousands of Suns, flashing sky etc.

At present the REM-Dreamer is no longer being manufactured because we created a new much better device called the SmartLucider.

The new SmartLucider device is much lighter and smaller, and thanks to that much more comfortable to sleep with. Masks like the REM-Dreamer or the NovaDreamer cover around 75% of your face. The SmartLucider covers only around 25% of your face. What's more, it covers mainly your forehead not your eyes. Also, the SmartLucider is much cheaper than the REM-Dreamer and other devices on the market. The REM-Dreamer used to cost 147 Euro and its pro version 170 Euro. The SmartLucider costs only 97 Euro! We also improved REM detection, so SmartLucider detects the REM state much better than the REM-Dreamer. Here is our website about the SmartLucider:

Lucid Dreaming Masks/Devices help people greatly to achieve lucid dreams. Most of them detect the REM state. These devices which detect REM can not only signal the sleeping person to remind them that they are dreaming but can also greatly improve dream recall. SmartLucider and REM-Dreamer have a DreamAlarm option that can wake you up in the REM state just after generating cues. When somebody wakes up during the REM state they will be able to remember the dream much more easily. So thanks to the DreamAlarm option in the SmartLucider or REM-Dreamer you can improve your dream recall by writing down every dream the device wakes you up from. Writing down dreams greatly improves dream recall.

Lucid dreaming is an awesome state of consciousness. After realizing in your dream that you are dreaming you can do whatever you like. You can fly, teleport to any planet, meet any person you want etc. There are many methods to achieve lucid dreams. Some of them are just mental training. But there are also recordings and CDs to induce this state of consciousness. Since the 1990s there have been lucid dream induction devices like the NovaDreamer, REM-Dreamer and SmartLucider, which are all very helpful in the practice of lucid dreaming. Currently, the SmartLucider is the cheapest lucid dream device there is, as well as having REM detection and being the smallest and lightest device available. Sleeping with it is very comfortable.

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