MILD method of inducting lucid dreams

It is best to use lucid dream induction devices like the NovaDreamer, the REM-Dreamer or the SmartLucider in conjunction with other techniques for inducing lucid dreams, especially as described in many books or internet articles. The best strategy to use with these types of devices is a method called MILD - Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming. In brief, the procedure is; when you wake up (either by waking naturally or by the DreamAlarm option featured in many lucid dreaming masks) to recollect your dream. Stay awake for 5-15 minutes, thinking about your dream. Remember if you saw any kind of unusual flashing light in your dream. Then, close your eyes, replay the dream in your mind, and visualize yourself becoming lucid in the dream. Repeat to yourself, "The next time I dream, I will become aware that I am dreaming". Do this over and over. You can "rehearse" with a lucid dreaming mask by imagining that you are dreaming, pressing the "Reality Testing Button" and then, upon seeing the flashing light and sound cues, think to yourself, "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming." Repeat this over and over.

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